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""Her performance reminds us that blindly following shiny distraction is unwise. That Trump’s supporters will follow him blindly into the acid rain of nuclear war.""
-Angela Carroll (Bmore Art) - View full article
"Can a country founded by genocide and built on violent oppression live up to its political ideals of justice and equality, ideals which continue to inspire our hope and love?"
-Loren Glass (The Little Village, Iowa City) - View full article
"metaphorically and abstractly decenter whiteness"
Gregory King- The Dance Journal - View full article
"a delicate balancing act, where they take note of opposing perspectives and then weave them together in the singularly world that they have created"
-Jane Vranish, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - View full article
"Female identity dance across two continents"
-Natalie Marsh, Dance Anwywhere - View full article
"Le groupe Baker & Tarpaga Project a plongé la salle dans un silence d’admiration"
-Nirina Radho, L'Express de Madagascar - View full article
""The beauty and dissonance of the human condition""
PMC Magazine - View full article
"The performance unfolded as a series of provocative images… intense and exhilarating"
By Margaret Quamme, Columbus Dispatch - View full article
"Interwoven into the fabric of life"
By Rachel B. Levin, The Los Angeles Times - View full article
""This duo is a rayon of light in contemporary dance""
L'Express de Madagascar - View full article
"The extreme force with which bodies box with invisible opponents, jerk and thrash as if struck, and are sent tumbling and rolling across the stage space as if tossed by someone much larger in size and strength"
By Michael Morris, Dance Blog
"This production does not grieve the unresolvability of this struggle; rather, it stages the beauty of such struggle, the aesthetic and ethical value that is possible only through sustained engagement within difference, conflict, contradiction, the visible"
By Michael Morris, Dance Blog
"Kelly Strayhorn brings West African and contemporary fusion to the summer stage"
By Adrienne Totino, The Examiner - View full article
"Very physical dance-theater"
By Jennifer Noyer, The Albuquerque Journal - View full article
"It was a night of love, hate and the power of movement"
By Victoria Looseleaf, Los Angeles Times - View full article
"The couple's romantic and creative union is a story of East meets West"
By Rachel Levin, Los Angeles Times - View full article
"Their intensity proved unforgettable"
By Lewis Segal, Los Angeles Times - View full article
"A strong premise and structure, studded with provocative images"
By Sara Wolf, Los Angeles Times - View full article
"The spirit of West Africa took Kuala Lumpur by storm"
"Dancers energized the stage with pushing and pulling"
The Star, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
"Couple thrills showgoers"
Tirelo Ditshipi, Midweek Sun, Gaborone, Botswana (PDF version)
"La pièce montre un travail engage: c’est une veritable critique ouverte a la politique"
SCOOP, Dakar, Senegal
"Esther Baker, une choregraphie ou se mele les pas de sabar, les entrelacs et les corps jetes, dans une complementarite de l’expression corporelle qui demontre que la danse non plus n’a pas de frontiers"
Fara Sambe, Le Soleil, Dakar, Senegal (PDF version)
"They make you want to move, twitch your hips, dance as freely as if no one were around to see"
by Neal Buccino, The Press, Altantic City, New Jersey